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GOD0259 – Squee – Unknown Pleasures


My understanding is that Squee recorded this in 2014 to celebrate both the 35th anniversary of himself and the Joy Division album that this is loving tribute to.
I’ve never listened to the original but I assume this sounds much the same. Personally I was born a year later and my touchstone is NWOBHM, so I don’t think I’ll ever understand.


GOD0222 – Squee – Delicate Destroyer


I was really impressed by this album actually. It’s got heavy cover art and heavy riffs and yeah, just really heavy. Oh, and stoner doom.


GOD0215 – Squee – Winners & Losers
June 19th, 2017

Well it’s the wrong number, but it’s the right time. So, so be it!
Senore Squee squeaks to another high point in poignant lows! Reasonably brilliant, and the man shows himself.


Written, Recorded and Produced by Squee at The Bridge studio Auckland 2017.


GOD0213 – Squee – Long Shadows, Short Platitudes


Some of these songs I recognise as being super-old tracks from some of Squee’s older recordings on GOD REKIDZ. Anyone who got a sub-100 catalogue number on this label is super-infamous and legit. And has thousands of downloads at archive.org apparently. But I digress
It sounds like a new and/or modern recording but really have no idea. I should find out one day.


GOD0197 – Squee – Benevolence


This is not a re-release, but in fact a dual release between arch rival labels
A Klass Records & GOD Rekidz!!! What a way to round off the AKL series
and the last of the 2nd hundred GOD releases.

Squee’s “new” album Benevolence is crazy, trendy, fashionable hip hop /
breakcore. Emotional, spiritual, political and even a bit ranting tirade at times,
his monotonic verse and delivery style suggest transcended views on the
state mankind and our current path to self-destruction.
Basically if you weren’t entirely sure what was wrong with the world have a listen,
but don’t expect any answers ! oh wait,,, maybe you should. nah don’t.

Lyrics by Squee
Music by MCslypussy


GOD0172 – Squee – Impropaganda


Re-released on GOD Rekidz to give one last breath of life into
the former A Klass Limited series.
We welcome these classic releases home at last.

Angsty rock and guitar noise. Terribly mastered, poorly executed
and shit recordings with cheap microphones. however, this kid
seems to know what he wanted to do and this feeling of desperation
with his equipment translates into a distinct audio emotion.
Not one to chuck on to impress a girl, but a few listens through
reveals a depth of sounds that shows some complex melodic interplay.


GOD0152 Squee – Words of Torment – Book 1

1995 – 1996

“…..empty without ones presence. but…
you must tell me yes or no. if no, i don’t
care. please try to understand. this is pain in its
nth degree. don’t you? won’t you? will you?

The epic writing of an angsty teen now available
for yr reading pleasure. With original artwork scanned
from real blood, sweat and tears soaked books.

“oh man, i, like nearly f**kin’ y’know,, ca’arn jeebus like,, mang”
New York Times

“Imaginative and interesting with a deep soulful inner quest for
the demon stone of despair” A solid 6.7

Download zip of complete e-book series


GOD0119 – Squee The Rules [single]


This was originally a composition of a band called “Super Awesome”.
“Super Awesome” was, wait for it, a stoner doom rock band feat Squee,
MCslypussy and K5K! no ! yes !
We cut the demo in a day and sat back. Auditioned a bass player and
drummer. Quit the band, left it sitting on the shelf for 6 months. Then Squee
and MCslypussy re-recorded for a school assignment. MC slypussy produced
the shit out of it till it turned in to the so called Free Genre version.
Then re-re-recorded it for another assignment, the result being the Album Version.
We decided to release the single first to get some hype for the upcoming
full length ya know, so MCslypussy just threw out a few different styles of remixed
versions using the vocal talents of Squee and bam. ya know. there it is.
Stoner Doom etc!


GOD0110 K5K vs Squee – Consumption


Recorded at #77.
These jerks make pretenscious noises (again)
and record it with fancy expensive equipment.
It may/may not be actually good, only GOD knows….



GOD0102 Squee vs K5K – A Christening

Recorded at #77.
These jerks make pretenscious noises
and record it with cheap shitty equipment.
It may/may not be actually good, only GOD knows….



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