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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Where are GOD0152-0160, why can’t I hear them?
Someday audiobooks may happen, but probably not.

Q. Where/what is/are GOD0009? But why?
A. Because. It’s reserved just in case.

Q. Why is (release number whatever) missing from (some place) and stuff?
A. We probably just missed it, let us know!

Q. Why?????
A. Because.

Q. What for?

Q. How can I contact you, I really really wanna be on God Rekidz n stuff.
A. Go like the Facebook page and harass us there.

Q. I hate my old music on God Rekidz, can you please take it down?
A. NO. Grow up. Make some better music or something.

Q. Can I haz GOD0176 Tee shirt?
A. Yeah na, we have none currently available. Get on the facebook and tell us you want one, maybe we do things, maybe.

Q. I really want to give you lots of money, how can I be doing this?
A. Well we are an Incorporated Society, and not for profit. Money would be useful for running things, but yr probably best to give money to the artists involved instead.
Go to their respective bandcamp pages and do the paypal. (check the artist page for links etc) If you really insist on giving us money, that’s great. We have a bank account number all ready for you.

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