K5K – God Rekidz

Author: K5K

Giant Cemetery Bear – In All Seriousness

The third album at long last! 
Brought to you from the great planet DIRT! 
We are all dirty here. Clean yr ears with some Bear noises, as provided right here. Even if you fail the yo-yo test you can still listen, it’s fine! 

This time we recorded without the use of cassette tapes, so it sounds less dirty. It’s pretty AND spooky at the same time, and may contain noise.

Recorded in West Auckland, mixed and mastered somewhere else, I’m gonna say Belgium, or maybe Poland.


Giant Cemetery Bear – Chiseled Veneers

Music that you don’t have to imagine.
It’s still not tangible, but it exists.
Sight was near.
A giants cemetery under expansion.


GOD0232 – Giant Cemetery Bear

Three movements, regular and exotic, as tribute to those that guard the giants graves.
Many instruments were sacrificed once melodies were made, to keep the bear at bay.
The giants stones still rumble.

All things played by Gem Tones & K5K.
Recorded to 4 Track tape (only using two tracks though)
Cover Art by Gem Tones


God Rekidz ©2020. All Rights Reserved.