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“Quality over quantity over quality”

A Brief history

God Rekidz was founded by Jonathan Bruce, Leonard McMullen and Nic Jukes in 1996 and operates as an independent recording label. Formed subconsiously and autonomously, no single person can ever claim responsibility, nor can anyone take credit for the heaving & imposing mass that it is.
God is God.

In 2007 God Rekidz, became an Incorporated Society as the founders gained more peer support for their projects. God Rekidz is a not-for-profit Incorporated Society whose volunteer membership works to further the aims of outlined in the Society’s rules. These rules include:

  • Encourage and organise exchanges internationally
  • Create a New Zealand based community for experimental electronic
  • Have an online presence for research and archival purposes
  • Create promotional materials and events to help further these aims.

God Rekidz, the label, is also a non profit web-based collective and forum of experimental electronic and acoustic musicians, as well as written and spoken word artists from such countries as America, Brazil, Russia, Scotland, Japan, Australia, Canada and New Zealand. Our philosophy of “Quality over Quantity over Quality” translates into a “dress code-free” approach to musical appreciation and distribution. The name GOD Rekidz has become commonly associated with intensely experimental electronic music that is fun, interesting and equally accommodates peoples from all levels of education.

By early 2008 God Rekidz had released more than 180 free-to-download full-length albums with accompanying printable artwork, facilitated the transfer of more than 1,029 Gigabytes of downloads over the preceding 12 month period and had an average of about 2800 hits to the site per day. They had a Saturday night prime time radio show on Fleet FM. This radio show was known as Deep, Hard n’ Fakecore. This programme played music by GOD Rekidz artists, and dicussed in a candid and highly subjective style information and anecdotes that were ocassionally relevant. They promoted a variety of shows featuring overseas breakcore luminaries including Eiterherd, Toecutter and Sickboy. The GOD Rekidz Incorporated Society was also complimented by a self-contained, one piece mobile sound system. Based on the classic John Jacobs [Sydney] design this sound system features 2x 6″ speakers being driven by a 2x 100W amplifier + 1x 10″ sub and protective camouflage custom paint job.
wheelie bin sound system

Then God Rekidz just stopped. Several releases that were ready to be released never saw the light of day. Some say God Rekidz was drowned under the tide of the Russian netlabel phenomenon of the time. Some say it was apathy. Others will nod sagely, and say “Such is the nature of the underground”. The website remained, frozen in time.

In a ceremony on the 29th of February 2012, custodianship of the God Rekidz brand and web-presence was handed by Jonathan Bruce to Peter Varg. This did not significantly help matters, however now, over a year later, God Rekidz is back. The wheelie-bin sound system is alive and well, the status of the incorporated society is currently unknown, but God will continue.

September 19th 2017;
Everyone has a key, the foundations have been rebuilt stronger.
Things are a-doing.
God is God.

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