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GOD0229 – Dalit – Thea Pembroek Memorial

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GOD0229 – Dalit – Thea Pembroek Memorial


Thea Pembroek was six years old when she died of a cocaine overdose
while being filmed for one of the many pornographic videos in which she
was forced to feature. Few people know of her tragic life and death:
“She seems to have been treated in death as little more than the object she had been in life.”
Heavy !!!
Heavy !!! but not as heavy as Dalit’s breakcore, gabba, jungle tribute to this little lady !

N.B. This appears to be a serious tribute to highlight a serious issue, there are no horse
sounds in it, or woman etc, there is no presence of “i’m so hardcore”.
So Calm Down, chunk it on ya portable playa and get affected!


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