GOD0197 – Squee – Benevolence – God Rekidz

GOD0197 – Squee – Benevolence

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GOD0197 – Squee – Benevolence


This is not a re-release, but in fact a dual release between arch rival labels
A Klass Records & GOD Rekidz!!! What a way to round off the AKL series
and the last of the 2nd hundred GOD releases.

Squee’s “new” album Benevolence is crazy, trendy, fashionable hip hop /
breakcore. Emotional, spiritual, political and even a bit ranting tirade at times,
his monotonic verse and delivery style suggest transcended views on the
state mankind and our current path to self-destruction.
Basically if you weren’t entirely sure what was wrong with the world have a listen,
but don’t expect any answers ! oh wait,,, maybe you should. nah don’t.

Lyrics by Squee
Music by MCslypussy


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