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GOD0119 – Squee The Rules [single]

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GOD0119 – Squee The Rules [single]


This was originally a composition of a band called “Super Awesome”.
“Super Awesome” was, wait for it, a stoner doom rock band feat Squee,
MCslypussy and K5K! no ! yes !
We cut the demo in a day and sat back. Auditioned a bass player and
drummer. Quit the band, left it sitting on the shelf for 6 months. Then Squee
and MCslypussy re-recorded for a school assignment. MC slypussy produced
the shit out of it till it turned in to the so called Free Genre version.
Then re-re-recorded it for another assignment, the result being the Album Version.
We decided to release the single first to get some hype for the upcoming
full length ya know, so MCslypussy just threw out a few different styles of remixed
versions using the vocal talents of Squee and bam. ya know. there it is.
Stoner Doom etc!


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