God Rekidz – Quantity Over Quality Over Quantity

Giant Cemetery Bear – In All Seriousness

The third album at long last! 
Brought to you from the great planet DIRT! 
We are all dirty here. Clean yr ears with some Bear noises, as provided right here. Even if you fail the yo-yo test you can still listen, it’s fine! 

This time we recorded without the use of cassette tapes, so it sounds less dirty. It’s pretty AND spooky at the same time, and may contain noise.

Recorded in West Auckland, mixed and mastered somewhere else, I’m gonna say Belgium, or maybe Poland.


Giant Cemetery Bear – Chiseled Veneers

Music that you don’t have to imagine.
It’s still not tangible, but it exists.
Sight was near.
A giants cemetery under expansion.


GOD0232 – Giant Cemetery Bear

Three movements, regular and exotic, as tribute to those that guard the giants graves.
Many instruments were sacrificed once melodies were made, to keep the bear at bay.
The giants stones still rumble.

All things played by Gem Tones & K5K.
Recorded to 4 Track tape (only using two tracks though)
Cover Art by Gem Tones


GOD0231 – K5K – Casual Existence


Music to listen to during a storm while the power’s out, on fancy-pants headphones from yr super-smart-phone. It’s worth using that last bit of power on this, trust me, I’m words! Don’t even try to find any candles, you don’t have any. There’s pretty much nothing left to do but listen to this album. Sigh.

Lo-fi goth-step and emo noise, vaguely song-like.
Originally intended to be 4-track demos, but whatever etc.
Recorded August-October 2016.


GOD0230 – K5K – Audition

Released 20/04/2017

Goth noise, psychedelic hip hop and so on and so forth!
Featuring Erikka Griffiths-Keam on vocals.
Somehow the first K5K release for several moons, so parts of it are rather old. But hey the computer died, so it’s finished!


GOD0259 – Squee – Unknown Pleasures


My understanding is that Squee recorded this in 2014 to celebrate both the 35th anniversary of himself and the Joy Division album that this is loving tribute to.
I’ve never listened to the original but I assume this sounds much the same. Personally I was born a year later and my touchstone is NWOBHM, so I don’t think I’ll ever understand.


GOD0264 – It’s Always Last Tuesday Somewhere – Neon II


IALTS has used every GOD Rekidz catalogue number ending in 64
EVER and possibly for all future times as well


GOD0229 – Dalit – Thea Pembroek Memorial


Thea Pembroek was six years old when she died of a cocaine overdose
while being filmed for one of the many pornographic videos in which she
was forced to feature. Few people know of her tragic life and death:
“She seems to have been treated in death as little more than the object she had been in life.”
Heavy !!!
Heavy !!! but not as heavy as Dalit’s breakcore, gabba, jungle tribute to this little lady !

N.B. This appears to be a serious tribute to highlight a serious issue, there are no horse
sounds in it, or woman etc, there is no presence of “i’m so hardcore”.
So Calm Down, chunk it on ya portable playa and get affected!


GOD0228 – It’s Always Last Tuesday Somewhere – DUBSTOP


About stopping dub, presumably. Possibly a collection of the last tracks made by IALTS before he basically stopped producing music altogether. Was he phoning it in? Are there needles in this haystack? All will be revealed.


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